CBD Wax – CBD Shatter

cbd wax

CBD Wax – CBD Shatter


The CBD market is becoming popular. Every year, more people discover the benefits of CBD as a natural alternative to traditional medicine. It’s no brainer that CBD has become a popular therapeutic aid in America and globally. It doesn’t contain any tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive component from Marijuana.

One of CBD forms is the famous CBD wax. We will learn what CBD wax is, the making process, the different types, how to use it, and the benefits.


What’s CBD Wax?

CBD wax is a form of cannabis concentrate. It’s famous for its heightened potency. Since it’s highly concentrated, you can take high CBD levels and ingest less volume of it. In short, you need less CBD to achieve the intended results, and CBD wax is the best.


How is CBD Wax Made?

Making CBD wax is a process. It starts by covering the Hemp plant with an extraction medium such as Butane or CO2. The process is known as “closed-loop extraction system.”


  1. Butane Hash Oil Extraction (BHO)

BHO is used to pull out essential oils such as the flavonoids, cannabinoids, and terpenes from the marijuana plant. Butane is then left to evaporate, but it’s a risky process that may result in an explosion. Also, Butane is toxic to humans, and no concentrate should be left behind.


  1. CO2 Extraction

This process uses pressurized carbon dioxide to pull out the essential oils. The CO2 is turned supercritical with the use of high pressure and heat. Unlike Butane, any CO2 left behind after extraction evaporates.


Different types of CBD Wax

Knowing the different types of CBD wax will help you make the right decision when deciding which of them is more beneficial to your health. Here they are:


  1. CBD Shatter

Tough and brittle, the CBD shatter is as hard as toffee or almond. It shutters when handled roughly.  Shutter is the more pure and clean CBD wax. It’s light yellowish with a transparent coloring.https://cbd-sativa.com/product/cbd-leafline-1000mg-cbd-shatter-99-5-sunset-sherbert-1g/

2. CBD Budder

CBD Budder has the same consistency as butter, thus the name. It’s different from CBD butter, which is dairy butter containing CBD. Budder goes through high temperatures, and at the end of the process, the manufacturer whips it like butter.


3. CBD Crumble

Although it’s extracted the same way as Budder, CBD Crumble uses moisture and viscosity high pre purged CBD oil to produce a crumbly wax.


4. CBD Live Resin

The production of this wax starts when hemp is freeze-dried while fresh before kickstarting the extraction process. The name “Live Resin” comes from the extraction process.


How to Use them

  • Dabbing is the most popular way of consuming CBD wax. It’s easy to do it after you learn.
  • Bong is another way of consuming CBD wax, especially if you are familiar with it.
  • Vaporizing is more convenient because you can carry your pen wherever you go.


Benefits of CBD Wax

The biggest benefit of CBD wax is high potency. It’s essential for those looking for natural medicine aid to relieve pain and other health issues. However, CBD wax may not work with everyone, and you should research and understand what works for you.

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